Public speaking


Be the change you want to see in the world"

On hour of individual coaching via Zoom with Agathe and her team in Public speaking.

Méthodology :

Our goal is to help each person find the words to express themselves and assert themselves, have self-confidence in their oral communication and be in better relationship with others. Through tools such as public speaking, coaching and non-violent communication, we support each person in their individuality and personality to respond to their issues.

Topics :

  • Develop your quick responses

  • Better manage conflicts

  • Public speaking with confidence

  • Pitch in 2 minutes

Enjoy 1hour of free coaching with a piece of clothes
  • With a piece of clothes
  • Without a piece of clothes

Career path :

Agathe Chapalain is the founder of the training organization "Ad Maiora" which means "towards greater things" in Latin. Former shy, Agathe developed her self-confidence through learning the art of public speaking and public speaking. With her team, she now helps men and women to acquire the keys to oral communication in order to develop personally, to be more confident with themselves and in their relationships with others.

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