Body alignment


"Passion, kindness and perseverance for a long lasting well-being"

On hour of individual coaching via Zoom with Alexandra in Body alignment.

Methodology :

Pilates, also called "Controllology", is a "gentle" method (precise placement, slow movements, deep breathing) of deep muscle strengthening which is inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics. It improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility.

The course takes place in a serene atmosphere and ends with deep stretching.

Topics :

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Yoga pre and post natal

Enjoy 1hour of free coaching with a piece of clothes
  • With a piece of clothes
  • Without a piece of clothes

Career path :

As a dancer I had the chance to experience great scenes such as those of the Opera Garnier or Bastille. Pilates has been instrumental in learning to take care of my body over time and become aware of my muscle and joint capacities in depth. I have been a Pilates teacher for almost 10 years on mats and machines. I also give aerial Yoga classes and I am also trained in the De Gasquet method in pre and Postnatal Yoga. 

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