less is more


UMA OATH is born through the passion of dance, textile design, couture and the need to find substance within the fashion industry. Fast fashion and mass production have led to a significant drop in quality of fabrics, value, and even work ethics.

UMA OATH’s accessible and minimalistic designs use exclusive fabrics, usually kept for luxury sportswear, and adopt urban apparel codes.

The craft of working with technical fabrics is difficult to tame and is within itself, a homecoming journey to the core essence of the profession. Combining strength and comfort, the clothing becomes a tool for movement while maintaining a structured line. UMA OATH’s made-in France designs advocate for apparel of value. 

Simplicity is her land of refuge. A timeless universe.

An unfailling identity.

An art of being.

Partner of the humanitarian association Dance United, UMA OATH bares a promise: to support Humans as they move through life.

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