« Some will find it hard to pronounce your name, while others won’t even try to find out who you are. Others still will whisper that you’re a novelty, in a Fashion world which is running out of steam...

You are an hybrid creation : somewhere between masculine & feminine, between sportswear & classy, between minimal and sophisticated, betwen structure and fluidity, and you draw your strength from these polarities.

You are made of sensitive fabrics, hard to tame, I wanted you to be strong, comfortable and connected to our modern world, to support the movement.

You were created at the opposite of disposable fashion.

Uma, short for Human, you were born out of a pasion for dance, and the need to give more meaning to fashion. 

Oath, refers to a commitment.  You are a promise in a world where everything is ephemeral. The promise to suport the «Being», giving strength and freedom.

Uma Oath, at the crosroads of fashion, movement and humanity, you were born from the conviction that you can be a bridge between Being and appearing.»



As the grand daughter of a pattern maker/designer and the daughter of a boutique owner, Elsa Manunta grew up around sewing machines. She was taught hard work and humility as true life values.

Her significant and humbling upbringing soon led to a passion for the audiovisual arts. She started her career in marketing communications in a music label and finally discovered fulfilment through dance.

In 2013, she returned to Fashion in marketing brand visual identity.

"Can we create a more human fashion?"

Convinced that everything happens for a reason, self-taught Elsa Manunta began to look into personal inspiration and experience to create a project that would blend fashion, movement and humanitarian work.

At the crossroads of several worlds and at the heart of several passions, UMA OATH saw the light of day in 2016.

This collection employs minimalist design to adopt the codes of urban ready-to-wear fashion by using materials normally found in sportswear. The pieces combine high-level comfort and resistance for a modern times Activist. Being and appearing coincide: the collection supports cultural events for disadvantaged children as part of the Dance United organization.

UMA OATH won the Grand Prix Maisons de Mode at its very first public showing, in 2016.

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